California Special package returns to 2024 Ford Mustang GT

Just ahead of the L.A. Auto Show, Ford has revealed the latest iteration of the Mustang GT California Special. The appearance package has appeared on the last few generations of Mustangs

, and it’s based on a package that was originally offered in 1968 for California-market cars. So an L.A. debut is more than appropriate.

On the outside, the new GT California Special, also known as the GT/CS, features Rave Blue accents all over, most prominently on the outer intakes of the grille. That grille also features the horizontal slats applied to multiple generati ons of the package. The Along the sides are black and blue stripes, and the exclusive wheels have blue accents inset of the spokes.

The inside continues the black and blue theme with dark blue and black leather upholstery, as well as blue and gray contrast stitching. The dash gets package-specific branding and unique floor mats

protect the carpet.

While the California Special package is only available on the GT Premium trim, there are plenty of other ways to configure the car. It can be had as either a coupe or convertible and with either a manual or automatic transmission. The GT Performance Package can be included, too, and it comes with specific badging. Pricing of course varies based on other equipment, but the California Special package costs an extra $1,995 on top of the price of your Mustang

GT Premium. If you want one, Ford is taking orders right now, though exact timing on delivery hasn’t yet been announced.

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