Driveable Volvo V70 wagon built from 400,000 Lego pieces

We’ve seen life-size Lego vehicles before, but a Swedish man has created the ultimate brick-built car. That’s because David Gustafsson’s 1:1 scale Volvo wagon actually drives. Volvo recently shared some photos from the Ecar Expo in Gothenburg, Sweden, where the Lego car was on display.

One would think that to undertake such a project it would be easiest to re-create an older Volvo, like a 240 or 740 wagon. After all, those were so boxy they earned the nickname Turbo Bricks as a term of endearment from enthusiasts. Instead, Gustafsson chose to replicate his own V70

wagon, a third-generation model built from 2008-16, which has no shortage of complex curves to replicate.

Most life-size Lego replicas are static displays, never meant to move. Most don’t even have interiors. Gustafsson’s Volvo, on the other hand, not only features a full interior, but has doors that swing open, a gear selector that clicks into various positions

, and climate control knobs that turn. 

The fun doesn’t end there. The Lego V70 has side mirrors that pivot, just like the real thing, as well as active headlights that

swivel along with the front wheels when the steering wheel turns. The pièce de résistance is the fact that this Volvo actually drives, thanks to an electric motor and battery pack. Speeds must be kept low, of course, but it can start, move, steer and brake via a remote control.

The Volvo’s only non-Lego parts are the wheels and tires, powertrain and a metal frame. It took Gustafsson over a year and over 400,000 pieces to build the car. He was a winner of the Lego Masters competition in 2020, through which he won the majority of the pieces. According to Klyker

, the combined weight of the bricks tipped the scales at 1.2 tons, but the win gave Gustafsson the ability to fulfill a lifelong dream of building a full-size car out of Lego.

With the help of Volvo Cars, Gustafsson’s re-creation will soon begin a tour across Sweden. It will visit various events across the country from February 22 to August 4.