EV materials from Japan, Lucid recall, EV battery degradation: Today’s Car News

Toyota sees dynamic wireless charging in its future. Lucid has used over-the-air software to lessen the scope of a physical recall repair. And battery degradation is gradual and likely won’t brick a used EV. This and more, here at Green Car Reports

A clever application of a diagnostic tool applied through over-the-air updates

allowed Lucid to reduce the recall pool for a defective contactor in its Air electric sedan. It’s one of many time- and resource-raving cases for OTA updates.

According to reports, a trade agreement with Japan due to be formalized today will allow certain EV-related battery materials from the country to qualify under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)—potentially for greater made-in-America U.S. Clean Car Credit amounts


And no, battery degradation isn’t likely to brick your EV. That myth is busted by a dive into user data from the battery analysis firm Recurrent—emphasizing that battery packs have only been replaced in about 1.5% of EVs. 


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