Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur has confirmed the 2024 Formula 1 car for the Scuderia will be launched on Feb. 13.

Ferrari unveiled its 2023 design — the SF-23 — at its Fiorano test track, where it ran the car live for the first time. Speaking at an end-of-year review (pictured above)

at the same venue 10 months later, Vasseur says Ferrari has already set the date for when it will launch its 2024 car.

Joking that it gives Ferrari more time to prepare ahead of preseason testing getting underway in Bahrain on Feb. 21, he says coordination with other teams sees Feb. 14 — Ferrari’s 2023 launch date — already taken.

“Because we will have one day more before the test! No no, it’s quite tight, honestly and more seriously, we have the test a bit before, and it’s quite a challenge to put everything together,” Vasseur said. “It means we had no other option I think also, but some other teams are doing it also on the 14th. It’s quite challenging to be ready for Bahrain.”

Vasseur did not reveal the name for Ferrari’s 2024 car, and says he won’t make any major predictions about its performance.

“I don’t have to promise something. The best way is to be focused on what we are doing, to deliver, and the Christmas gift for will be if we are able to do a good job in March, not for Christmas. Christmas, the gift is just based on promise, and I don’t want to make a promise. We will see in March. It will be the Easter gift!”