Friday Forum Foraging: 1958 BMW R60 w/Sidecar And Trailer

You might be familiar with Bring a Trailer for its selection of cool cars that are up for auction, but did you know BaT also has a motorcycle page? Just as with the cars, the moto page is filled with cool and interesting submissions, including this 1958 BMW R/60 modified to accept a Geko sidecar and PAV single-wheel trailer.

As we can tell from the description, the bike was given a full restoration in 2008 and it sounds like no bolt was left untouched in the process. The engine, transmission, electrical, brakes, and suspension all got a full makeover to perform as good as, or better than, new. As you can see, there are not one, but two distinguishing features – those being the sidecar and the trailer.

The Geko sidecar got a full restoration along with the rest of the bike, with choice accessories like a windscreen and tonneau cover among the changes. Conveniently, the wire wheel on the hack is interchangeable with the wheels on the bike itself. Total miles on the bike haven’t been confirmed, but the odometer reads less than 3800.

And as if a vintage BMW with a sidecar wasn’t rare enough, this one also comes with a PAV single-wheel trailer that connects to a custom hitch. Because even though you have a sidecar, sometimes you just need more carrying space.

The auction ends on Sunday, March 19, and is definitely going home to the highest bidder since this is a no-reserve auction. See the full listing, including lots more information and over 100 picturs at Bring a Trailer