Genesis X Snow Speedium reinterprets the beautiful concept for winter

Remember the Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept that was part-shooting brake, part-sportback from a little over a year ago? Well, it’s back, and it’s wearing a new coat of white paint and outfitted for winter.

In a bit of a surprise, Genesis posted photos of what it’s calling the Genesis X Snow Speedium Concept on its socials this week, and it’s arguably just as stunning as when we first saw it at the N.Y. Auto Show

. Yeah, we’re a little sad to see the gorgeous Inje Green paint go, but it’s hard to argue against this seasonal decor. The changes Genesis made to transform it into the X Snow Speedium go beyond the color, too. You’ll notice the lower side air intakes on the front bumper have LED fog lights installed for better vision through the snow. It has a new set of boots in the form of subtler wheels and what we’ll presume are winter tires
. The calipers hiding within are black instead of the showy lime green seen on the debut car. And then on the roof, it’s sporting a rack that appears to integrate a taillight of sorts as a bar across the rear. Of course, a couple sets of skis can be seen secured to said roof rack

Most of the rear is business as usual, though we will point out that Genesis has painted, in body color, sections of the rear valance/diffuser area that were finished in black before. Overall, it looks like an intriguing new interpretation of the Speedium Coupe. Rumblings of possible production versions

of the Genesis X Concepts are in no short supply, so it makes us extra excited to see Genesis iterating on and still thinking about its creations over a year after the model’s

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