GMC and AEV reveal Sierra Grande upfit SEMA concept

If there was any question as to whether GMC was dedicating resources to its off-road models, it was dismissed the instant American Expedition Vehicles entered the conversation. The two have already partnered to produce a GMC-branded alternative to the Chevrolet Colorado

ZR2 Bison. The 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition is midsize pickup perfection, but the collaboration is far from over. With GMC now pushing the AT4X package on its heavy-duty pickups, AEV is looking for ways to explore the space. 

“The Sierra Grande Concept represents AEV’s creative vision of how the comp any would further elevate the adventure-ready foundation of the GMC Sierra HD AT4X into a legendary overlanding rig,” AEV said in its announcement

The Sierra Grande is all Sierra HD AT4X underneath. The steering knuckles, control arms, rear suspension and butter-smooth DSSV dampers are all lifted directly from the production truck

. This SEMA-bound concept is the quintessential upfit smorgasbord, boasting everything from add-on lighting to upgraded underbody protection. There are even two winches — one for the front and one for the back. If you ask us, they should have gone ahead and put one on each side too. 

The snorkel pairs nicely with the 40-inch BF Goodrich tires, and the onboard air system guarantees you’re never in a pickle when you hit pavement to head home. The bed is aluminum, but the skid plates are stamped steel (as is the brush guard). The front winch is rated for 12,500 pounds; the rear for “just” 9,500. 

Unlike the Canyon AT4X AEV Edition, the Sierra Grande is merely an exercise — for now, anyway. We suspect that GMC has plenty more in store for its off-road trucks. 

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