Honda and Acura EVs will officially adopt the Tesla NACS port in 2025

Honda and Acura are the next manufacturers to jump on the NACS bandwagon, and while we heard the first official rumblings in Monterey

, today is Honda’s (and Acura’s) official announcement.

The first EV that Honda will launch with the NACS port will be in 2025. Just like every other automaker making the switch, Honda says it reached an agreement with Tesla

to adopt the charging port. After that first Honda with the NACS port launches, every new Honda and Acura EV model in North America will have the same port.

However, just like many others, Honda and Acura will have EVs on sale prior to 2025 that will ship with the current Combined Charging System (CCS) port. These models

will be designed to be compatible with NACS use via a charging adapter, so you’ll ultimately be able to charge them
via Tesla Superchargers one day.

Outside of this Tesla NACS agreement, Honda says the news today doesn’t change its joint venture with seven other automakers to build an EV charging network and expand the number of charging stations available for all.

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