Honda debuts advanced mountain bike in the new e-MTB Concept

As automakers focus more on transitioning to electrification, the number of weird electric concept vehicles has grown. Some companies seem hellbent on creating the most futuristic vehicles possible, but some have taken a less aggressive approach. Honda

, like its home country rival, Toyota, has been slow to move with EVs, but the company’s latest concept shows that it’s thinking about the different ways electrification can fit into everyday transportation. Its newest concept is an electric mountain bike
with wild styling and a large battery pack, but details are scarce, and there’s a great chance the bike never reaches consumers

Though its EV program isn’t as robust as some, Honda has a range of electric and hybrid vehicles

in its catalog, such as small cars and scooters. The e-MTB Concept looks surprisingly complete and robust for the first mountain bike effort from an automaker. Honda said its frame and swingarm are built with thin-wall aluminum casting technology, frequently used on advanced motorcycles

Honda hasn’t detailed specs for the bike, but some have suggested it uses a Brose mid-drive motor and an SRAM Eagle AXS drivetrain. We can see Shimano brakes, Fox suspension, and Maxxis tires in the shots Honda shared.

While some electric mobility concepts focus on urban settings and navigating city streets, the Honda e-MTB concept is meant to perform outdoors. The automaker said, “The e-MTB concept expands the field of ability in nature. Easily going uphill with electric assistance, this bike offers a new riding experience that combines the FUN of motorcycles and FUN of a mountain bike. It is being developed to enable anyone to enjoy riding mountainous trails more freely.”

If it becomes a reality, Honda’s e-MTB will join the ranks of other automaker-made electric bikes. Mate Rimac founded Greyp electric bikes

, and Porsche has a line of electric two-wheelers. Even Harley-Davidson created an in-house e-bike called the Serial 1.