Honda EV timeline, Tesla battery degradation, Costco charging: Today’s Car News

Teslas aren’t losing much driving range over the long haul. Costco isn’t interested in EV charging yet. And Honda steps up the timeline for its in-house EVs. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The first mass-market, in-house-developed EV from Honda will arrive in 2025 for North America, executives confirmed Wednesday a s part of a company update on restructuring its business operations around EVs and a sustainable supply chain. The EV due in two years will follow the GM-based Prologue SUV by a year and will debut a new architecture supporting over-the-air updates and Honda’s own s oftware interface. 

The retail giant Costco draws lines of customers, and cars, with its discount gas. That in turn is a strong traffic-draw for its stores in general. But, an executive recently underscored, Costco has no plans to return to EV charging

in the next few years—and even though U.S. gasoline consumption has peaked, Costco says its market share continues to grow. 

And according to a chart provided in Tesla’s 2022 Impact Report released this week, its Model S and Model X battery packs degrade only an average 12%

over 200,000 miles. Considering these models’ over-the-air efficiency updates received since new, that equates to well more than 88% of their original real-world range.


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