Hotdoggers wanted: You could be the next Wienermobile driver

While many of us likely clocked in at jobs we’re not too fond of this morning, some people are living the dre am. That could be you, too, as long as your dream involves piloting a 27-foot-long hot dog around the country. Oscar Meyer recently announced

that it is hiring a dozen people to drive the iconic Wienermobile for one year.

The only real downside here is the time limit, as the dozen lucky drivers will only be on the job for a year. That said, the position is paid, with a $35,600 salary and $150 per week for meals and hotels. You’ll also get a complete health benefits package and 18 days of paid time off.

Though that salary won’t make anyone rich, the title of “Hotdogger” – that’s what you’ll be called if you get the job – is one obtained by a very

select few. Oscar Meyer hires less than one percent of applicants for the position, and candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with a preference for those who studied public relations and related fields. More people have been to space than have driven the Wienermobile, though their names aren’t quite as commonplace as some of America’s rockstar astronauts.

While the job would be undeniably awesome, it also sounds like a lot of work for $35,600. The drivers will be expected to attend 1,200 events in 40 cities, or around 20,000 miles. That’s a ton of driving in a giant hotdog, and while it’s probably pretty comfortable, most people don’t look forward to long-haul driving as a job


The Wienermobile has undergone several changes over the decades, but its basic shape has remained mostly the same. More recent updates have given the vehicle navigation, an exterior audio system with a microphone and more. Oscar Meyer briefly changed the name

to the Frankmobile in 2023 to promote its new all-beef franks but brought back the Wienermobile name late last year.