Hyundai Kona EV, Walmart charging network, EV efficiency and EPA rules: Today’s Car News

Hyundai has a new entry-level EV on the way. Walmart is getting in the charging business, and it’s big. And should the EPA reward more efficient EVs? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Hyundai will introduce to the U.S. the lower-priced version of the Kona EV, with a smaller 48.6-kwh battery and an expected range near 200 miles, it revealed last week. And while a Kona Hybrid is a big part of the global rollout, it isn’t coming to the U.S.—underscoring the very different strategy versus Toyota and its rival Corolla Cross Hybrid. 

The retailer Walmart plans to build its own EV fast-charging network. In a far greater vision than what it currently has in place with Electrify America, Walmart plans “thous ands” of chargers at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores by 2030. And it hinted that low prices will be a part of the plan. 

And with the Biden administration due to set greenhouse gas standards for later in the decade, an advocacy group renewed a call that rules not count all EVs equally. Should EPA rules incentivize more efficient EVs?


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