iKamper releases next generation Skycamp DLX and DLX Mini roof top tents

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iKamper has released its latest rooftop camping innovation with the newly unveiled Skycamp DLX (pictured throughout) and Skycamp DLX Mini. These rooftop tents integrate cutting-edge features developed from extensive feedback and rigorous testing by the iKamper

community. Designed for adventurers seeking comfort and durability in their outdoor gear, these tents promise enhanced usability with features like built-in LED lighting and self-inflating mattresses, setting a new standard for luxury and convenience in outdoor accommodations. Whether you’re exploring rugged terrains or enjoying a weekend getaway, iKamper’s new offerings promise to blend seamless functionality with top-tier design to elevate your camping experience.

The Skycamp DLX introduces built-in bi-color LED lighting, a pioneering feature for roof top tents that aims to simplify life at the campsite by eliminating the need for a separate light source during nocturnal activities. These USB-powered lights—adjustable and dimmable—are designed to enhance both the usability and safety of the camp environment after dark.

In terms of comfort, iKamper says the Skycamp DLX doesn’t disappoint with its 4-inch self-inflating foam mattress, promising ease of setup alongside substantial comfort enhancements compared to traditional camping setups. Including a natural cork lining is a nod to sustainability, providing waterproof, thermal, and noise-insulating properties to the sleeping quarters.

Structural integrity is also key in the Skycamp DLX’s design, which features a robust aluminum honeycomb base and insulated low-profile shell, crafted to offer durability across varied environmental conditions. The tent’s design optimizes living space without compromising the ease of transport—attributes that facilitate extended adventures in the wilderness.

The model is available in two sizes: the larger four-person Skycamp DLX and the more compact two-person Skycamp DLX Mini priced at $5,150 and $4,450 respectively. Both are engineered for year-round use, highlighting their versatility and appeal to serious campers seeking reliable, all-season equipment.

Key Specs

Skycamp DLX – $5,150 

  • 4-Season 
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4-Person 
  • Weight: 163 lbs/74kg 
  • Sleeping Area: 77.25 x 82.75 in./196 x 210cm 
  • Closed Size: 54.75 x 85.5 x13.5 in./140 x 210 x 34 cm

Skycamp DLX Mini – $4,450 

  • 4-Season 
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-Person 
  • Weight: 123lbs/ 56kg 
  • Sleeping Area:51.25 x 82.75 in./130 x 210 cm 
  • Closed Size: 54.75 x 57.25 x 13.5 in/140 x 146 x 34 cm

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