The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has unveiled its new Indy 500 ticket featuring 2023 race winner Josef Newgarden. The Team Penske driver was surprised during the reveal after getting his first change to see the design at the unveiling event.

“My initial reaction seeing the ticket is how special it is,” Newgarden said. “It reminds me of right at the end of the race and the moment I was able to have with the crowd. To me, that was almost more significant than winning the race itself – was having the opportunity to celebrate with everyone who comes to the Indy 500.

“There are generations upon generations who have been going to that race and have made it so historic. That’s what this ticket signifies. It’s that celebration with the community and what makes the Indy 500. It’s different than what you normally see. People are used to seeing Victory Lane. This is seeing the event for what it is and the significance and honor of being able to be there.”

IMS president Doug Boles is fond of how the photo of Newgarden that was chosen for the tickets has the Tennessean spelling out a letter in his surname.

“This is one of the most exciting things we get to do because it means the Indy 500 is just around the corner,” he said. “This is a tradition that dates back to just after World War II where that driver who won the race the year before is on the ticket. There’s a little bit of a unique twist with Josef and making that “A” with his legs. I think it makes it even more special and a way to celebrate his win after he spent 12 years trying to get there.”