The NTT IndyCar Series, Arrow McLaren driver and 2016 Indianapolis 500 winner Alexander Rossi, and Jim Leo, owner of Indianapolis-based business PitFit, were guests of the White House last weekend as part of its Easter celebrations.

According to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Easter activities, which played host to 30,000 kids , had activities that “included a race fit program where participants turn the steering wheel in time with different lights, a light reaction test, a strength challenge using a rubber bar simulating the strength needed to control and IndyCar steering wheel, ball toss while wearing strobe light glasses and a photo opportunity with an Indianapolis 500 show car.”

The Californian thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“It was an amazing event and I was just honored to be a part of it and to introduce and whole new generation to IndyCar,” Rossi said. “I had never been to DC before so I was spoiled getting to see the sights and sounds from this perspective.”

Rossi’s visit is the first for the series since 2019, when Roger Penske was bestowed with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald J. Trump.