The latest in an increasing number of positive developments for WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca has reached its conclusion after a fresh repaving of the well-worn 2.2-mile road course was completed this week.

The news comes on the heels of announcements that WeatherTech has signed a new multi-year extension to continue as the circuit’s primary sponsor

and automaker Hyundai has made a significant investment into the property to become the official car of the world-famous California road course.

“I’m glad to report as of Monday night at 5:49, the track resurfacing project was complete,” track manager John Narigi of A&D Narigi told RACER. “The new bridge is complete, the track is completely resurfaced, and now it’s going through its eight-day cure time. The track will then get painted and striped. And then we open up for business with the SCCA race on June 30, so in essence, the project has been completed.”

A&D Narigi took over from SCRAMP, the track’s only management group since its opening in 1957, in 2020 amid a contentious period of time where differing agendas between Monterey County’s Board of Supervisors and the county’s chief administrator created doubts as to whether Narigi would be allowed to carry out key modernization programs the aging facility needed to remain relevant.

With those political hurdles cleared and a sizable commitment made by the county to bring Laguna Seca into a higher state of presentation, Narigi’s team took two of the top renovation items from concept to completion in short order.

“The overall cost and investment the Monterey County Board of Supervisors approved is going to be a minimum of $20 million that they’ve committed to this facility,” Narigi said. “It secures the future of Laguna Seca to be a major track for major series and events with IMSA, IndyCar, MotoAmerica, the Reunion and Rennsport, and being a track rental business. And getting the new bridge done, which helps with access and crossover for hospitality, really sets the tone for Laguna Seca.”

Narigi credits the buy-in from the greater Monterey community for the steady stream of wins.

“We have approached Laguna Seca as a team,” he said. “I have built a good rapport with the parks and public works department, as well as the Board of Supervisors and key other key county staff. So it’s really been a team effort. But what I’m really most proud of is that they understand the economic impact of this facility, what our major events do, and I’ve tried to mend a lot of fences, and I think that has worked.

“We’ve raised the bar, we’ve raised the expectations that I think the guests, the series, and anyone who actually comes into the park now has seen a noticeable difference. But that’s why I took this on. I got to be known as a turnaround guy in the hotel business, and I’m not leaving this place till I feel comfortable that in fact, this is

turned around and it’s heading in the right direction. And I feel it is.”