Lordstown trouble, e-Corner demonstration, EV rejectors growing: Today’s Car News

Lordstown Motors could be in financial trouble. Hyundai’s supplier shows off its e-Corner EV tech with a crab walk and pivot turn. And is a growing group of U.S. shoppers rejecting EVs? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

In its latest survey data, J.D. Power saw a higher portion of shoppers indicating they were “very unlikely” to consider an EV purchase in the next 12 months than ever before—indicating a growing portion of shoppers may be flat-out rejecting EVs. Although it’s unclear what new f actors contributed to that, price and charging were familiar foes. 

On Monday, Lordstown Motors warned of more financial difficulties. It reported that Foxconn may be seeking to back out of a funding deal that might keep the maker of the Endurance electric truck running—and that it might go bankrupt if this isn’t resolved. 

And e-Corner tech with in-wheel motors, demonstrated by Hyundai’s technology supplier on real roads in the Ioniq 5, could alter both the packaging and the mobility of future electric vehicles. With steering, braking, and propulsion integrated into modules at each corner, EVs could perform a true sideways crab walk, pivot turns in small spaces, diagonal driving, and more.


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