Lucid Gravity gets social media tease before LA debut

A year ago, Lucid previewed its Gravity SUV with the note that it would be “the most aerodynamic SUV ever.” We’ll find out what that means in two days assuming all goes to plan, Lucid having said the Gravity debuts on November 16 at the LA Auto Show

. Until then, we have this teaser courtesy of the duo that form the YouTube channel Throttle House. This glimpse of tapered rear matches the most recent prototype shots
the company shared earlier this year, and so far, gives us no reason to doubt the aero claim. 


Perhaps more importantly, the peek shows how far the Gravity has come, and could explain the lengthy delays; CEO Peter Rawlinson’s original forecast was for production to begin in early 2023. But Rawlinson’s prediction was when the Gravity was a much squarer

and more conventional ride, one that looked like this:

The automaker was far enough along in development to have a prototype out in the California wild for a photo shoot in August 2020. The company’s learned a few things about packaging since then, too, it seems. Even though the rectangular body of the earlier Gravity looks hugely capacious, Lucid design boss Derek Jenkins told Autoblog about the aero model on the way, “We’re taking packaging to a new level,” and, “Cargo space is going to be off the charts.” Ahead of that load bay, the Gravity will offer three seating configurations: Two rows, a six-seater option with captain’s chairs in the second row, and a seven-seater layout with a three-person bench in the second row.

This isn’t the only high rider on the way. Lucid has already said it’s working on a pickup truck planned for debut around 2030, Lucid-Forum acquired a photo of a clay model of a pickup. We can’t tell when the photo was taken, though; the model next to the pickup looks more like this early version of the Gravity. The new Gravity is more sculpted in front and its bumper is marked by vertical intakes at the edges. The model in the photo shows the upright, squared face of the old Gravity with the vented frunk, the contrasting lower trim with the same black cutouts, and it lacks intakes.

However, the pickup clay buck in the photo looks a lot like the new Gravity, with a reshaped lower bumper, vertical intakes, and solid hood. If the Gravity can get the market traction the Air hasn’t managed, this handsome pickup might add to the good times.

In 48 hours, we anticipate seeing a clearer picture of Lucid’s near-term future and getting a big infodump when the wraps come off the Gravity.

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