A month after he confirmed to RACER that he would be departing the Dale Coyne Racing team

 at season’s end, David Malukas says he has options, but like several other drivers, he’s waiting for a couple of other moves in the 2024 market.

“There’s a few drivers in the field that have been rumored to move,” said the series sophomore who was seventh fastest in opening practice for the Music City Grand Prix at Nashville Friday. “I think…everybody is waiting on them.

“As soon as those two drivers – I obviously don’t want to name them – but if those two drivers move, it’s going to be a massive domino effect of a lot of people starting to jump. The way I see it, I think it’s all rumors. I don’t know if things are actually going to change.

“We have an option that isn’t affected by that…but nothing is signed. Everything is still kind of in the talks. Hopefully in the next few weeks things are going to start kicking off. I do know if those drivers move, it’s going to be a lot. Hearing a lot of rumors there’s going to be a lot of ch anges…

“It depends with the timing. For me it’s more securing my future than waiting on these other drivers. If you wait, wait, nobody moves, now we don’t really have any options. Everybody is like, ‘Well, we’ve already signed with other people.’

“Yeah, if they move, then yes, maybe something. But there’s also a lot of other drivers going for it, too. It’s going to be more of a battle. If nothing happens, there’s still something else… We have a plan. There’s nothing signed. But, yes, there is something, but not guaranteed. Haven’t signed yet.”

Asked to confirm if there’s a team with an available slot waiting for his decision, Malukas responded, smiling, “No, not yet, unfortunately.”

He admitted to a certain amount of frustration that he can’t yet commit until he knows what others are doing, but added, “It’s just how the game works. There’s only so many seats in different teams. If nobody moves, then nothing’s going to happen.

“You could say it’s frustrating. At the end of the day it’s just how it is. I mean, I’m not really affected by it.”