McLaren 750S revealed, adding power and lightness to the old 720S

The McLaren 720S’s successor has been revealed, and … it looks a lot like the 720S. It’s the McLaren

750S, and there’s a reason it looks similar, as a lot of it is. The company noted that the 750S uses 30% new components compared to the 720S
, which means that much of it is the same. But that aside, it does feature notable upgrades from the more powerful engine to the lighter weight. The coupe is even being joined by the convertible (750S Spider) right out of the gate.

Sitting in the middle of the 750S is a version of McLaren’s classic twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8. Compared to the 720S, this one has more boost pressure, an additional fuel pump to maintain fuel injector pressure and pistons from the 765LT. All of this means that it makes 740 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, increases of 30 and 22 respectively. The seven-speed sequential automatic transmission continues, but the rear end has a shorter gear ratio.

The coupe weighs 3,062 pounds (DIN curb weight), which is 66 less than the 720, and the Spider weighs in at 3,170 pounds). Both benefit from lighter carbon-fiber seats, a lighter exhaust, forged wheels, and even lighter driver display and windshield. All of this means that both the coupe and convertible will get to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. The coupe will then do the quarter-mile in 10.1 seconds, with the Spider just 0.2 second behind. Top speed for both is 206 mph.

On the handling front, McLaren has retuned the suspension all around from the hydraulic anti-roll system to the shocks and springs. The front track is a bit wider, and the steering rack has a quicker ratio. For convenience, the nose lift system now lifts the front end in just four seconds, the fastest of any McLaren. So you can wave that in your Senna

-owning buddy’s face.

And on the topic of the Senna, there’s a new track brake package that uses 15.4-inch carbon ceramic rotors and monoblock calipers based on that supercar’s system. It joins other performance options such as titanium wheel bolts, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires and even lighter (by 33%) carbon-fiber seats.

And this all brings us to the design changes, which are probably the least interesting, since the 750S looks so similar to the 720S. But there are changes, such as a lower nose, smaller headlight intakes, deeper lip spoiler, new side intakes and a longer tail with a larger, but lighter, rear wing. The aforementioned lighter exhaust system also ends in a center exit “inspired by the P1

.” The interior isn’t dramatically different either, save for the new seats and instrument display. There is a neat optional cargo shelf for the coupe that has a window to show off the V8 underneath. Apple CarPlay is included as standard, and there is now a custom drive mode function that lets drivers set custom preferences for engine, chassis and transmission settings and access them at the touch of a button.

McLaren is taking orders for the 750S now. The coupe starts at $331,740, which includes the $5,500 destination charge and $2,240 Americas Accessory Pack, included on all U.S. 750S models. That pack includes a leather travel bag, luggage straps, a car cover

, tire pads (to prevent flat spots), a battery tender, titanium valve stem caps, a badge, a license plate frame, USB cables and a microfiber cloth. The 750S Spider is a fair bit more expensive at $352,740, including the previously mentioned charges.

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