Lando Norris says there is a good level of respect between himself and Oscar Piastri after the pair made contact in the Italian Grand Prix.

Piastri was emerging from the pits with Norris at full speed on the outside on the run to Turn 1, and tried to hold his position having been ahead of his teammate before the pit stops. But Norris was just ahead at the first chicane and Piastri made contact with the right rear of the lead McLaren, although both were able to continue unscathed as the stewards opted to take no further action.

“I guess he was just on cold tires, had a little bit of understeer,” Norris said. “I tried to leave enough of a gap… It’s very difficult to see in the mirror. I left a good gap, but just hard and cold tires, it’s not a nice combination, and I guess he just ran into my rear tire.

“No (not ideal), but I think we respect each other, we give each other space, and fortunately nothing happened, so it’s all OK.”

Norris ended up eighth after a race spent behind Alex Albon throughout, and he says the end result doesn’t necessarily reflect the car’s performance, which he says is a clear improvement from McLaren’s struggles at Spa-Francorchamps.

“I think the pace was strong. It was just very difficult to overtake, as usual, but when we didn’t have to overtake, the pace was good. We could pressure Alex the whole race, but he did a very good job, so hats off to him and Williams, they were quick this weekend and managed to stay ahead.

“I think it was the best we could have done, so happy with that. Big thanks go to the team, both at track and at the factory, for reacting after Spa and giving us a more competitive package.”