Next Porsche Panamera interior revealed with lots of digital screens

You won’t be surprised to learn that the interior of the next Porsche Panamera looks clean, uncluttered, high-tech and luxurious. You also won’t be surprised to see all of those good looks come courtesy of a bunch of digital touchscreen displays. In fact, as shown in the image up above, there are three large screens that span the entirety of the Panamera’s

dashboard. It’s all part of what the German automaker calls the “Porsche Driver Experience” that was first unveiled for the all-electric Taycan.

Before we detail the trio of screens, notice that all of the relevant controls that a driver will want regular access to are either on or at least very close to the steering wheel. “This simplifies operation of the new Panamera in all driving situations, and especially during spirited driving,” says Porsche, and we agree. The 12.6-inch curved digital cluster directly in front of the driver that houses the gauges is controlled directly from the steering wheel, as is the mode switch for selecting the driving mode. If the vehicle is equipped with the optional head-up display, that’s also controlled from the wheel. You’ll also notice a gear selector toggle and Park button directly to the right of the steering wheel, freeing the center console of a traditional lever.

The center console is topped by another widescreen display that houses Porsche’s touchscreen infotainment system, with horizontal rows of icons in the center and a vertical set to the left for navigating the various screens. Below, a mishmash of physical and haptic buttons plus one dial are within easy reach of the driver. We’ll have to wait to see how intuitive all those touchpoints are in real-world driving scenarios. We’re not sure how electrically adjustable air vents are better than simpler manual air vents, but either way they are present here.

To the far right in front of the passenger is a third screen that looks to mimic many of the same infotainment functions as the central screen. Both of those touch-sensitive displays are surrounded, in the example Porsche sent out first, at least, by shiny black plastic that is absolutely sure to show fingerprint smudges in between swipes of a cleaning cloth.

The rest of the interior is modern and attractive, with plenty of ambient lighting and techy trim materials to break up any sense of design monotony. The red seats and door trim on the pictured interior is a combination of materials that does not include traditional leather. The two rear-seat passengers can get their own digital display, as well, affixed to the console that bisects the seating area.

The full reveal of Porsche’s next Panamera is set for November 24, so we won’t have to wait too much longer for all the details. We’re expecting a range of powertrains with gasoline and hybrid

options, likely to be topped by a Turbo E-Hybrid powertrain with 700 or more horsepower and pound-feet of torque.

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