Nilu27 teaser video shows off high-tech hypercar from Sasha Selipanov

There’s a lot more we don’t know about this mysterious hypercar than there is that we do. But one thing is certain: With automotive designer Sasha Selipanov behind the project, it’s going to be wild. Selipanov announced a new brand called Hardline27

a little less than a year ago, hailing it as “a new automotive design and branding studio with operations in Berlin and Los Angeles.” With automotive design credits to his name that include the likes of Lamborghini
, Bugatti, Koenigsegg and some of Genesis‘ recent droolworthy concepts, we understandably have high hopes for whatever this new brand called Nilu27
will cook up.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to see the first fruits of this new hypercar venture — a new teaser on YouTube highlights an unveiling at Pebble Beach on August 15. We only get a glimpse of the rear of the debut vehicle, but we can see some awfully impressive hardware. The first highlight of the teaser video are what appear to be small gullwing doors, followed closely by a trick-looking dual-pane rear wing that arches over triple exhaust tips that slowly come into focus. We’re treated to a nice view of what looks to be a high-tech pushrod-based suspension setup, a heck of a lot of carbon fi ber

, rear diffusers that hint at massive aerodynamic underbody designs and what could be a tubular spaceframe chassis.

And then we hear an engine. We can just barely make out some red bits that may or may not be valve covers splayed in a wide-V shape, and the exhaust note sounds like what we’d expect from a high-strung V8 engine. All of this is pure speculation, of course, but our interest is certainly piqued. Is this a pure concept vehicle

, or something intended for limited production? Will it be designed for the street, or as a track-only special? Pure combustion, or fortified with electrification? We’ll see. Check the video out for yourself up above, and stay tuned for Monterey
Car Week in the dog days of summer for a full reveal.