Polestar EVs get Tesla charge port in 2025, Supercharger access in 2024

The electric vehicle brand Polestar announced on Thursday that it plans to adopt the Tesla charge port. 

The change will go into effect in 2025, with all new Polestar vehicles sold in North America from that time forward getting the Tesla port, called North American Charging Standard (NACS). In mid-2024, Polestar drivers will also gain access—via a CCS adapter—to the Tesla Supercharger network for DC fast-charging. 

That will allow Polestar to boost the number of charge points well beyond the 12,000 it offers today. 

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath called the shift to the Tesla port “a great win for our North American customers,” and added that “it’s great to see the Supercharger network being made available in this way.”

The Polestar announcement follows a similar announcement from Volvo

, its corporate cousin and partial owner, on Tuesday, as well as confirmations from Ford, GM, and Rivian in recent weeks. 

Tesla in November 2022 made an open call for vehicle manufacturers to use its connector

, arguing that it’s the most proven one for EV fast-charg ing and there are roughly 60% more Tesla connectors than CCS connectors in the U.S. As Green Car Reports recently pointed out, however, the Tesla standard lags in locations
versus CCS.  

Future Polestar EV lineup

Future Polestar EV lineup

The Chinese-built Polestar 2 hatchback gets a rear-wheel-drive version and is currently the brand’s only model, but there’s much more on the way. The Polestar 3

, a larger, U.S.-built performance-oriented SUV, will arrive in 2024, and then a smaller Polestar 4 is due a short while later, with the Tesla Model Y in its sights. A Polestar 5 flagship and Polestar 6 roadster are also due later.