Porsche 718 GT4 RS Panamericana Special revealed, features Tag Heuer clocks

For those who share an equal love of cars and watches, this unique Porsche 718 GT4 RS made in collaboration with Tag Heuer is one you might enjoy. Porsche and Tag revealed this GT4 RS Panamericana Special at the Rennsport Reunion at Laguna Seca, and it’s built as an homage to the Porsche 550 Coupes that raced in the Carrera Panamericana 70 years ago. There were two 550 Coupes that raced across Mexico in that over 2,100-mile rally, and there will be exactly two of these GT4 RS models, as well. One bears the number 154 (revealed here) and the other will be number 152.

So, what’s different about these 718s? Well, the powertrain and all the other important bits are the same as the regular road car, but Porsche’s Sonderwunsch team developed a special appearance for them. It starts with the Le Mans Silver Metallic paint that was developed a number of years ago for the 911 Carrera GTS Le Mans Centenaire Edition

. Many of the unpainted parts of the GT4 RS are painted here, giving it more of a monotone look. Meanwhile, the big Tag Heuer logo on the hood and on the side blades of the wing are finished in gray. You’ll also see the Tag mark on the wheel caps and the engine’s air filter box. The Pegasus logo you see on the car is a callback to Mobil Oil’s old logo that was a sponsor back in the time the 550 Coupe raced. Plus, Porsche says it’ll be recreating that Pegasus as a sticker if anybody would like to buy it for their own car.

If you’re wondering, why all the Tag Heuer stuff? Well, this is the 60-year anniversary of the Carrera chronograph, and the grueling Carrera Panamericana is what inspired Jack Heuer to make the first Carrera chronograph. Over the years, Porsche and Tag Heuer have been partners on many projects, and this one simply cements the collaboration further.

As for the interior, Porsche uses Guards Red leather and a lot of black-finished anodized aluminum throughout for contrast. The interesting bit about the interior, though, is the Tag Heuer stopwatch module in the center console. The left clock is simply a clock and displays the time. Meanwhile, the right clock is a stopwatch for rally timing. Tag Heuer-themed colors

and logos are used throughout. The interior stitching is done in green, white and red; “GT4 RS Panamericana Special” is milled into the door sills, and the Tag Heuer logo is embossed on the armrest. The Carrera Panamericana logo and text are in the headrests, and the driving cap logo appears on the valve stem caps, too.

Patrick Dempsey will be driving the number 154 car in the first two stages of this year’s Carrera Panamericana, and the number 152 car will be revealed at this very event. This second car will be auctioned

off for charity, so someone will be able to own a GT4 RS that looks just like the one you see here.

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