Redesigned 2025 Mini Cooper Electric adds driving range, space

The next-generation electric Mini will add more space, and potentially more driving range, in an upcoming redesign, the brand revealed Thursday.

The redesigned Mini Cooper Electric, as it’s referred to in a press release from Mini parent BMW, is expected to arrive for the 2025 model year. In addition to a replacement for the current Mini Cooper SE, a Cooper E model will be included as well, with different battery packs and power outputs for both. Mini USA declined to comment to Green Car Reports on the product’s future for the U.S. market.

As the base model, the Cooper E produces 181 hp—the same as the current Cooper SE. The next-generation Cooper SE in turn moves up to a 214-hp output.

2025 Mini Cooper prototype

2025 Mini Cooper prototype

Battery capacity is 40.7 kwh for the Cooper E and 54.2 kwh for the Cooper SE. Mini is targeting 186 miles to 248 miles of range, likely as measured on the European WLTP testing cycle. For reference, the 2023 Mini Cooper SE is EPA-rated at 114 miles of range.

Electric models will once again be based on the two-door hatchback body style, but BMW claims more cargo volume and the retention of four seats. While not exactly “mini” compared to the original 1960s version, interior space still remains at a premium in the modern Mini.

BMW claims the current Mini Cooper SE has become the brand’s most popular model since its 2020 launch. Global sales increased 25.5% in 2022 to over 43,000 units, meaning one out of every five new Minis is electric, according to the automaker.

2025 Mini Cooper prototype

2025 Mini Cooper prototype

The Cooper SE is one of the five cheapest EVs for the U.S. market, and one of the few true small cars offered broadly in fully fleshed-out EV form, rather than as a compliance car. The recent announcement the Chevrolet Bolt EV will be discontinued

further limits the choices in that area. Mini this past model year hasn’t been able to make the cheapest version of the SE, however, due to supply chain issues

A convertible version of the Cooper SE is now a production reality—albeit for Europe, and in small numbers. A whole family of Mini electric crossovers is also coming, but they’ll coexist with gas and diesel models

for years. The brand is indicated it plans to shift entirely to EVs by the early 2030s.