Save up to 50% on an iRobot Roomba vacuum thanks to this Presidents Day sale

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Everyone wants a constantly pristine house, but the daily maintenance it would take to achieve such a dream is simply unrealistic. Vacuuming the whole house is time-consuming and, let’s be honest, boring. Luckily, we live in an age of AI, mechanical marvels and self-emptying robot vacuums. Right now, iRobot (the Roomba company) is having a big Presidents Day sale that could save you anywhere from 37 – 50% off a brand new Roomba. If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to pick up a new Roomba and free up tons of vacuuming time, consider this your sign. Here are some of the top Roomba deals we could find.

$599.97 at Amazon

This is the vacuum that iRobot says provides its “most advanced clean.” If you’re looking for the best of the best, there’s no need to look any further, the s9+ is 40x more powerful than the standard 692 model. This vac features a 3-stage cleaning system that works on dirt, debris and even pet hair that has nestled itself deep into your carpet. It has advanced sensors and a “specially designed corner brush” to help it get deep into the corners of your rooms and along edges. The whole thing is guided by the vSLAM navigation system, which despite its name, will help the vacuum do the exact opposite of slam into things. It learns the layout of your house and remembers it by building its own maps. Worried about recharging? Don’t be. This little guy just goes back to its own charging station when it’s getting low on juice and automatically finishes the job when it’s all charged up again. You can even use voice controls to tell it things like “Roomba, clean under the kitchen table.” Exclusive to the s9+ model is the “careful drive” feature, adding an extra layer of care around obstacles. Naturally, there’s also a feature-filled app as well. 

$297.99 at Amazon

The j7 shares many of the same features as the s9+, it’s just a little less powerful and a whole lot more affordable. While the s9+ is 40x more powerful than the Roomba 692, this model is “only” 10x as powerful. This Roomba works on hard floors and carpet, will map your house for efficient cleaning and can remember “keep out zones” if you want it to stay far away from certain areas of your home. Like the model above, it can navigate around obstacles and even knows when it’s coming up against a “cliff” so it doesn’t fall down the stairs. You can even set it to only clean as soon as you leave the house, so you can come back to a home that’s spotless.

$168.99 at Amazon

The Roomba 692 is the most affordable option in our list and provides a huge bang for your buck. It’s the “standard” and for good reason. This vac can clean for up to 90 minutes at a time and like the other models will head back to its charging station to recharge, free of human intervention. It’s voice activated or, of course, you can make use of the mobile app. It features a 3-stage cleaning system and still works great on carpet or wood floors. It can remember where obstacles are and, also like the others, features “cliff detect” to keep itself from accidentally throwing itself down the stairs. The features you’ll be missing out on with the 692 are things like, making sure it cleans in neat rows, being able to designate “keep out zones” and “clean zones” and automatic dirt disposal. But for the cost savings, this is still a great option for many. 

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