Spy shots suggest 2025 Ram 1500 refresh, possible passenger screen

The Ram 1500 is now the oldest design among Detroit’s half-ton pickup trucks, but thanks to its solid interior and competitive mechanicals, the current model isn’t under any serious pressure to improve. While that might be a signal to Stellantis that it could coast on for a few more model years without making any significant changes to its bread-and-butter pickup, Ram’s engineers appear to be hard at work doing just the opposite. In fact, some elements of the new electric Ram REV

— notably including its passenger-side infotainment screen — may just make their way to the petroleum-burning model with this update, expected no sooner than the 2025 model year. 

Ram not only already showed us that it plans to integrate a passenger screen into the Ram REV’s interior, but exactly how

its designers plan to do it (above right). The way the camouflage lies on this prototype’s interior (left) suggests a slightly different passenger-side dash piece with a ridge along the top, rather than the REV’s rounded-off waterfall design. This would preserve the existing trim in the lower half of the dash while simultaneously making room for a screen of similar size in the upper half. We could be misreading this, but we’re betting on a passenger-side screen being implemented one way or another. Watch this space. 

Elsewhere, this prototype suggests the typical aesthetic updates we’ve come to expect from a mid-cycle refresh. New front and rear bumpers are pretty much required, and both are present. We can also expect attention to be given to the various grille designs (especially if the front bumper changes dramatically), the headlights and the tailgate. Just how much of this will end up being inspired by elements of the production Ram REV remains to be seen. 

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