Stellantis launches Spoticar used-car sales platform in the U.S.

France’s PSA Group, one of the two precursor companies that merged to form Stellantis, launched a program for its European dealer network in 2019 called Spoticar. This was an online used car sales platform where individual and business buyers in 11 countries could view various PSA-brand vehicles for sale. It launched in the UK two years later, and now, two years after that, it’s launching in the U.S.

Think of it like a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program for Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep
and Ram products; among the company’s brands on sale in the U.S., only Maserati
gets left out. 

Spoticar incorporates many of the typical CPO features and guarantees. Administered through participating dealers among the parent company’s 2,600 storefronts in the U.S., vehicles for sale won’t be more than ten years old nor have more than 120,000 miles. All cars are guaranteed to have a clean title and be free of frame damage. They’ll come with a CarFax report, a three-month warranty

, and three months of roadside assistance with rental car reimbursement. Dealers will also be happy to activate trial periods for subscription-based services the vehicles are equipped for, such as SiriusXM radio. The Spoticar site even includes a dropdown menu to sort vehicles by the monthly payment, shoppers entering their target payment range, length of the loan and a credit score range to see which cars make the cut.

Speaking of CPO, it appears Spoticar will replace the CPO Go program that Stellantis launched here last October. CPO Go performs a vehicle inspection, comes with a three-month warranty, CarFax report, and car rental allowance. CPO Go doesn’t include Alfa Romeo and Fiat, and limits itself to offerings outside of the new vehicle warranty protections, meaning at least six and up to ten years old, with between 75,001 and 120,000 miles. The model year limitations are different than Spoticar, the Spoticar site l isting two 2024 Jeeps and a large number of 2023 products at the time of writing, including a 2023 Dodge Challenger

GT with 54 miles asking $34,995.         

Also unlike CPO Go, Spoticar offers a portal for individuals to sell their personal cars to dealers

The streamlining is meant to improve profits. After the program’s launch in 2019, Automotive News wrote that the estimated profit margin from resulting revenues — even before the inflated corporate returns of late — would be 8%. 

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