Survey says: 10 features new car buyers want most

Covering new cars, particularly the raft of new features added every year to them, you start to get an idea for what new car buyers are wanting

. Or at least you think you do. AutoPacific on the other hand, actually surveyed 11,700 people looking to buy a new car
in the next 3 ye ars to learn the truth. And there are some features on here we would not have guessed. Check out the top 10 below.

  1. LED fog lights
  2. Wireless device charg ing (front row of seats)
  3. Unresponsive driver stop assist
  4. Automatic power folding mirrors
  5. Wireless device charging (rear row of seats)
  6. Heated and ventilated front seats
  7. Household 120-volt power outlet
  8. Sunroof
  9. Self-cleaning exterior cameras / sensors
  10. Driver profile settings

The top two entries were selected by 48% of respondents, and at the other end of the spectrum were the driver profile settings at 36%. We were particularly surprised that fog lights of any sort, let alone LED ones specifically, would end up at the top. While they can be nice for a bit more illumination and can be a nice styling touch, most of us at Autoblog probably wouldn’t put them so high on the list.

Wireless charging we understand a bit more, particularly as more cellphones support wireless charging and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are much more common on cars. So it makes sense it would be in high demand. And the fact that it comes up twice for two different positions in the car makes it clear it’s a big deal for consumers.

Unresponsive driver stop assist, taking the third spot on the list, needs a little explanation. According to AutoPacific, this is a feature that would bring the car to a safe stop at the side of the road. It’s interesting to see this so high up without other advanced driver aids such as hands-free highway driving assist along with it. We’re not completely sure what to make of it except that maybe buyers are more interested in emergency semi-autonomous features than convenience ones.

The one big thing we were surprised was missing from the top 10 was Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. It might simply be that it’s become nearly a standard feature across all brands and price points, so people aren’t thinking about it as much. But considering the uproar about GM dropping the two phone mirroring systems in its upcoming EVs

, we would’ve expected it to place among these other features.

What are you surprised made the list, or didn’t? Let us know in the comments.

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