Ferrari has a new rear wing amid limited new developments being brought to the third round of the season at the Australian Grand Prix.

Despite the race being the first one of the year to take place after a break — following the consecutive events of pre-season testing, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia — the logistical challenge of signing off a new part in time to transport to Australia has led to only six teams bringing any updated components.

Ferrari is the highest-placed team to do so, with a set of winglets added to the rear wing pylon that provides an overall increase in aerodynamic load.

At Aston Martin, there is a tweak to the front wing flap that is described as changing “the loading distribution across the span of the front wing for improved car performance.”

Alpine has a fresh beam wing that is circuit-specific to allow a lower drag configuration if required, while at Williams a revision to the exit scoop of the rear brake duct has also gone hand-in-hand with winglet changes in that area.

Aside from an updated rear wing at RB, the only other new part is at Stake — running under the name of Kick Sauber this weekend due to advertising laws in Australia. The team has made a relatively major change to its front wing, with redesigned third and fourth front wing elements and an adjusted front wing endplate working in conjunction to improve the car’s overall aerodynamic efficiency.