This car jump starter holds a charge for 9 months and is on sale for under $59

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There’s never a good time to be stuck with a dead battery, but the dead of winter might be the very worst. In the past, fixing this problem may have involved flagging down a stranger to give you a jump, which is often awkward, embarrassing and time consuming. Luckily, in 2024 there are much better ways to fix dead car batteries thanks to portable car jump starters (and how-to videos

). Jump starters are pretty affordable all year round, but this one is extra affordable right now
thanks to a 35% off deal.

This Avapow unit can jump start cars, SUVs, and even boats with up to 8.0-liter gas or 6.5-liter diesel engines. It’s rated at IP65 water-resistance, will operate in nearly any weather and features eight safety protection systems. Not only will this unit jump your car, like many others it also acts as a portable power pack featuring a built-in USB port as well as wireless charging capabilities for your phones, tablets and other devices. It also features multiple LED light functions including an SOS mode. Last but not least, this jump starter includes jumper cables, a USB-C charging cable and storage case with your purchase.

Key features

  • Delivers 2000 peak amps
  • Jump starts cars, SUVs and boats w/ up to 8.0L gas or 6.5L diesel engines
  • Rated at IP65 water resistance
  • Doubles as a portable power pack for USB devices
  • Includes a built-in LED light (with SOS mode)
  • Includes jumper cables, a USB-C charging cable and storage case

$58.72 at Amazon

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