This Yamaha motorcycle concept comes without handlebars

Motorcycles are pretty simple, but there are a few components required to make the package work. The engine, of course, is a necessity, and most people would expect to see handlebars when they saddle up. Yamaha sees things differently, and its latest concept bike shows that it’s looking at two-wheel mobility in a completely different light. The Motoroid 2 is a funky electric bike

with no handlebars and a distinct cyberpunk look that is unlike any motorcycle on sale now.

The bike is expected to be self-balancing, and some have guessed that Yamaha is aiming for a riderless function in the future. While it lacks handlebars, they’ve been replaced by stationary hand grips.

But we’re unlikely to see such a futuristic two-wheeler from Yamaha anytime soon. Like many automotive concepts, Yamaha probably views the bike as a test bed for new technologies and functionality, so while it’s improbable that a riderless bike will hit the market soon, some of the concept’s features could trickle down to production bikes.

Electric motorcycles have become increasingly popular, and several companies are popping up to serve the market. That said, the space isn’t particularly innovative, and the bikes we’ve seen so far don’t do much to move the needle on excitement and tech, so a format change could be the spark electric bikes need to jump into the mainstream of motorcycle culture.

Yamaha’s electric efforts are currently mainly limited to scooters, but the company has developed drivetrain components, electric dirt bike

prototypes, and other models in recent times. While the Motoroid 2 concept probably won’t make it to production as-is, it could be a good sign for things to come from Yamaha. The company also offers e-bike
conversion kits and has its hands in several power sports and mobility categories, so it’s only a matter of time before we start to see more electrification.