Toyota previews two electric concepts for the Tokyo auto show

Toyota will travel to the 2023 Japan Mobility Show to unveil a pair of electric concepts that are more closely related than their proportions suggest. While one is a coupe and the other is a crossover

, the company explains that they share numerous components under the body.

Known as the FT-Se, the first concept almost looks like a Supra beamed from the 22nd century. It’s characterized by a low-slung design with wing-like rear lights, a spoiler integrated into the trunk lid, and a massive rear diffuser. Toyot a notes that the expertise amassed by its Gazoo Racing division through years of racing in various series permeated this coupe, though it stopped short of providing details or specifications.

Inside, the driver faces a rectangular steering wheel and at least three screens. One is a digital instrument cluster, the second seemingly displays the infota inment system, and the third is located on the left side of the dashboard. Toyota also added knee pads to the interior.

Called FT-3e, the second concept takes the form of a four-door crossover with an angular exterior design and a fastback-like roof line. It was developed to offer “new driving experiences and personalized services powered by innovative technologies,” according to the brand. It features flush-mounted door handles, a rear light bar, and relatively flat exterior surfaces, and it’s capable of transferring energy and data to its surroundings. Here again, technical specifications haven’t been announced, and Toyota hasn’t published pictures of the interior yet.

One interesting feature is the digital display integrated into the rear part of the front wheel arches and the bottom part of the doors; it’s visible in one of the preview images. It shows information such as the battery’s stage of charge, the cabin temperature, and the interior air quality.

While the FT-Se and the FT-3e are pegged on the opposite end of the spectrum, Toyota claims that they share “maj or components.” We’ll need to be patient to find out if that means they’re built on a modular platform, powered by the same basic drivetrain, both, or something else. The 2023 Japan Mobility Show will open its doors on October 26. More details about the concepts will emerge in the coming weeks.