Video catches dogs ripping cars to shreds at Houston dealership

Time to call Sherlock Bones. A pack of what appear to be stray dogs has been hounding a Houston-area car dealership and causing as much as $350,000 worth of damage. The owners of G Motors in Harris County, Texas, caught the doggone canines in the act on overnight security footage, ripping bumpers off luxury sedans

on the lot, jumping onto hoods and generally biting, chewing and scratching up the vehicles on the lot. Sounds like a ruff day at the office. (Okay, we’re done now. Fur real.)

Sales manager Gaby Fakhoury told the local ABC affiliate that damage was done to at least five cars (if that adds up to a few hundred thousand dollars in damage, those must have been pricey automobiles) in three separate nighttime incidents between November 6 and November 18. They initially guessed a wolf was to blame, but later confirmed it was domesticated dogs after setting up surveillance cameras. Nobody knows for sure, but it’s believed stray cats may be to blame for bringing the dogs to the dealership

, likely through a gap at the bottom of the exterior fence.

More important that damaged property are employee and potential customer concerns over safety. In any case, the dealership is planning to move to a different location shortly, which will hopefully clear up the not-so-pawesome situation. Sorry. Bad puns, good video.