Walmart Black Friday sales for car enthusiasts — save up to 70% on Michelin tires, a popular auto vac and more

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There’s no time like the present to take on that holiday list. Why? Because everything you need for your friends, family, neighbors, pets — and most importantly, you — is on sale and in stock at the Walmart Black Friday sale. Think of it as a virtual aisle upon aisle of options. We’ve partnered with the mega-retailer for our 30 Days of Deals campaign to bring you the absolute best Black Friday deals leading up to the holidays. So once December 1st rolls around, you can put your feet up and relax!

If you’ve got car lovers in your life, then get your motor running because we’ve got the best gifts for auto lovers today. You’ll find incredible Black Friday deals on Michelin’s new Defender2 tires — down to just $126 each. Or if they’re literally happy campers, the Avapow Jump Starter — at $86 (down from $300!) — will not only resurrect almost any car battery on frigid days, but doubles as a charger when camping. (It also has USB ports for cell phones and tablets!) And the Hot Wheels Track Set

is always a hit for the young and, ahem, young at heart, clocking in at only $31. Check out these and more spectacular Walmart Black Friday sales as we rev up the discounts this week!

$126 at Walmart

Michelin’s brand-new Defender2 is an all-season tire that’s outlasted other brands for two extra years of tread life. Since we’ve seen these tires priced closer to $200, this is practically a steal at only $126 — and perfect for someone who needs a whole new set of wheels. Twin steel belts provide a sturdy base for the tread and are reinforced so they’re stable at high speeds, providing a smooth ride anywhere, any time of the year. “These tires are like driving on clouds,” reported this driver. “Everything is smooth, the tires absorb bumps and road imperfections easily, and I can tell they ‘have the road.’ In short, I feel very safe with these tires, which is important since my commute to work is 250 miles twice a month.”

$86 at Walmart

Having a good lightweight jump starter in your trunk can be the difference between a minor annoyance and a full-blown bad day — especially in the winter. That’s where the Avapow 6000 comes in, now on sale for under $90 (that’s 70% off). It’s super lightweight and helps bring cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, lawnmowers and even snowmobiles back to life. Plus, its 12-volt power pack can charge small electronics while off-roading or camping. An added bonus? Two USB ports, including one quick charger that works twice as fast on cellphones and tablets. Over 1,000 Walmart shoppers have given this device five stars: “Jump started a Ford duel-battery diesel and a Toyota Corolla so far,” said this reviewer. “Has the ability to jump-start just about any vehicle. Also will power and charge other electrical devices. The headlight is bright and will illuminate a large area. Would not travel without one of these.”

$27 at Walmart

Practical, powerful and convenient — what more could you want in a car vac that’s now only $27? Well, we’ll tell you: It includes three attachments for detailing, as well as a filter brush and spare HEPA filter. This must-have for your car will keep the interior tidy and it also works fast thanks to a 110-watt motor. Got pets? No problem. The suction power lifts up more hair, dirt and debris than you want to think about. Plus, the 16-foot cord means you can reach all the nooks and crannies of your ride no matter what the size. “This vacuum works great! I tried it out yesterday in my car. I was surprised by how strong the suction was. It had no trouble sucking up the dirt and food particles on the floor and in the seat,” said a fan. “My mom just bought a new car and I loved this vacuum so much that I ordered her one. Don’t hesitate to buy it!”

$30 at Walmart

No longer will traveling for the holidays be a pain in the butt, thanks to Nexpure’s Memory Foam Seat Cushion. This little wonder — on sale for just $30 — is like sitting on a cloud, and it’s designed specifically to relieve aches and pains in your posterior. The butt support pillow comes with a removable mesh cover that ensures your caboose doesn’t get hot or sweaty. A handle attached to the side of the pillow makes it easy to take it with you — it’s also great for using at work and at home, or for those who are post-op or need extra support. “The perfect driving companion for longer trips and even for Ubering,” wrote a happy driver.. “It cuts way back my pain from sitting too long. You can cool it down before using it on hot days.”

$31 at Walmart

Who doesn’t love Hot Wheels? This nostalgic fave shows no sign of slowing down, turning up the heat with its Action Vertical-I Jump Track set. The track, measuring over two feet high, features two different paths — one for a stunt driver and one for a racer. Flip a switch to choose between a vertical U-turn with two stunt jumps or a figure-8 path before landing in a catch cup with a big finish. Best of all — it collapses for easy storage. This happy parent wrote, “My five-year-old was able to build this with little assistance. The pieces are such good quality and the launcher is great. We like the fact it does not need any batteries. My boy loves playing with this track and all of his cars!”