Wild Liberty Walk Lamborghini Countach revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

Liberty Walk just loves to show up to the Tokyo Au to Salon

in outrageous, heavily modified builds that stir up the hornet’s nest of opinions. For this rendition, the tuner just dropped a Liberty Walk build of the Lamborghini Countach

It’s only apt that the Japanese car builder follows its F40 revealed last year with another jewel of an Italian supercar, and this one is a serious feast for the eyes. This build isn’t just meant to be a one-off either – you’ll be able to buy the parts from this Liberty Walk build to make one of your own. The tuner’s website lists availability for the front bumper, front diffuser, canards, side skirts, side diffusers, rear diffuser, rear wing and roof intake. No prices are made available as of today. Of course, there’s a whole lot more than that on this Liberty Walk build, but that’s a great off-the-shelf start to making your own.

Unfortunately, Liberty Walk doesn’t have much in the way of a description for performance modifications. There are plenty of obvious ones, though, such as a lowered suspension, the signature Liberty Walk widebody, unique wheels and tires to fill in said widebody kit and an epic quad exhaust poking out the rear. We can see some racing harnesses through the front windshield, and we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the V12 engine is making more horsepower than it did from the factory.

The most Liberty Walk has to say about the build comes from the tuner’s social media posts where it simply states: “We are doing whatever we want.” 

That right there is the best description for how Liberty Walk goes about its builds. Thought-provoking and controversial cars are its bread and butter, and while the Countach is already a thought-provoking design from the factory, there’s no doubt that Liberty Walk has taken it to another level here.

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