2024 Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan and SUV get better in small, key ways

We’ve talked so much and so long about Mercedes-Benz’s EQ lineup — including the chance of the EQ name going away in 2024 — it’s hard to forget that the EQ sedans and SUVs are only one or two years old. That makes them ripe for upgrades, and Mercedes

has obliged with the EQE sedan and SUV. All variants of both body styles gain the benefits of a heat pump, boosting powertrain efficiency in changing climates. Engineers also addressed a common complaint among reviewers, braking that becomes difficult to modulate at low speeds. Mercedes hasn’t laid out the nitty gritty changes here, but called the improved setup a new braking system
. On AWD trims, a new disconnect function shuts down the front motor when it isn’t needed for traction. Mercedes is making its Hyperscreen standard equipment on the EQE 500 in both body styles, the 56-inch display formerly limited to the EQS.   

In the 2023 EQE SUV, the standard battery has been a 90.6-kWh unit. For the 2024 EQE SUV, the entry-level rear-wheel-drive EQE 350+ gets a larger battery of 96 kWh, the AWD trim sticks with a 90.6-kWh pack. Motor output isn’t changed on either car, the rear-driver making 288 horsepower. The EQE 500 that comes with AWD, however, picks up the bigger battery as well, peak output carrying on at 536 hp. In the convenience and cosmetic departments, the EQ sound experience for the cabin is included in the purchase price, as is a powered charge port door, and new 20-inch wheels.  

In Europe, the EQE 350+ SUV with RWD added 20 miles to its WLTP certification, rising to 390 miles on a charge. The EQE 500 4Matic SUV added 32 miles thanks to the larger battery, getting up to 375 miles on a charge.

We don’t know what the new specs do for range in the U.S. because the EPA still doesn’t have figures for any 2023 EQE. On top of that, there are only figures for the 2024 EQE sedan and the AMG

versions of the 2024 EQE sedan and SUV. We can at least fill in those last two blanks, the AMG EQE sedan rated at 230 miles on a charge, the AMG EQE SUV
doing even better at 235 miles on a charge. Both AMGs stick with the brand’s sm aller 90.6-kWh pack.

Motor Authority has advance intel on the MSRPs. The sedan keeps the same prices across all trims. The figures after the $1,150 destination charge are:


  • EQE 350+: $76,050 
  • EQE 350+ 4Matic: $79,050 
  • EQE 500: $87,050
  • AMG EQE: $109,200

The SUV, which doesn’t charge more to add AWD to the base 350+, makes a single change, a discount on the EQE 500:

  • EQE 350+: $79,050
  • EQE 350+ 4Matic: $79,050
  • EQE 500: $87,050 ($3,600 less)
  • AMG EQE: $110,450 (New model)