The best car steering wheel locks of 2024

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A vehicle, for most of us, is often one of our most valuable investments. If you’re looking for an affordable way to help protect your vehicle against thieves, then consider getting a steering wheel lock for your car. Cars are not cheap, so spending a little extra money to keep your ride secure can pay off big time. Car thieves

can break into vehicles many different ways in 2024, like by smashing the window or hacking the keyless entry. However, if they go through all of that trouble and then notice there is a steering wheel lock, it could be a determining factor in scaring them away or convincing them that the crime is not worth the effort. Here are the best car steering wheel locks that are available on Amazon for 2024.

Cartman Steering Wheel Brake Lock

$21.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Length adjusts from 21” to 30”
  • Locks steering wheel and pedal
  • Made with high-quality steel
  • 2 cross keys
  • Not suitable for golf carts

The Cartman Steering Wheel Brake Lock attaches to the steering wheel and the brake pedal so thieves can’t start the car. It’s made with heavy-duty steel that can’t be cut with a saw or pried open.

Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock

$38.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • #1 best-selling Anti-theft Locking Device
  • B-grade key cylinder
  • Inner soft layer
  • Safety hammer function
  • Made with high-quality round steel and premium aluminum
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee

This Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock is currently the best-selling Antitheft Locking Device on Amazon. This lock uses a B-grade key cylinder, which receives its grade by taking more than four minutes and less than two hours to crack open. 

Winner International The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock

$34.29 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Universal fit
  • Patented self-locking feature
  • Bright yellow and easy to see to deter theft
  • Easy to use

The Winner International The Club 3,000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel lock has a patented self-locking feature and is easy to see with its bright yellow color, making it a strong deterrent. 

Monojoy Car Steering Wheel Lock

$32.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Resistant to pick ing and drilling
  • Padded handle to prevent scratching the steering wheel
  • Unique key groove design
  • Detectable emergency hammer

This Monojoy Car Steering Wheel Lock has a foam paddle handle that prevents it from scratching and scuffing up the steering wheel. It also has a unique key groove design and is resistant to picking and drilling.


$76.22 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Fully attack-tested
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  • Fitted in seconds
  • 10,000 different key combinations
  • 10-year guarantee

The Stoplock Pro Car Steering Wheel Lock is fully attack-tested and is compatible with most vehicles. Stoplock claims this lock will last up to 10 years and has 10,000 different key combinations. Three keys come with your purchase and additional keys are sold separately. 

Disklok Security Device - Steering Wheel Lock

$269.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Other sizes available
  • Patented design spins on attack
  • Deters keyless entry theft
  • 3 keys included
  • Disklok window sticker
  • 3-year mechanical warranty

This Disklok Steering Wheel Lock costs more than every other entry on this list combined but for good reason. It covers the entire steering wheel and should deter most thieves. It’s made with powder-coated metal that protects the airbag, prohibits steering and prevents keyless entry. A 3-year mechanical warranty is included with your purchase.

Do you really need a steering wheel lock?

Depending on the are you live in and where you park, you might need to be more careful with your vehicle. According to Causte, “90% of thieves will give up if they cannot open the door lock within a minute”.

How to install a steering wheel lock

Depending on the type of steering wheel lock you choose, the installation process may vary so make sure you follow the instructions provided. Here is a tutorial from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police on how to properly install a steering wheel lock


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