Amazon’s best-selling electric snow blower is on sale for a limited time

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There’s no denying it, winter is here with a vengeance. Much of the U.S. is dealing with harsh conditions of snow and frigid temperatures

. If you’re anything like us, you may have noticed in the past week that your driveway cleaning process doesn’t quite cut it. Traditional snow shovels
are reliable and cheap, but can be difficult and time-consuming to use. You could also get something a little more modern in the form of an electric snow shovel
, which is a great option, but it doesn’t quite provide the same type of power a classic snow blower does. Snow blowers make cleaning your driveway fast and easy, and right now the best-selling snow blower on Amazon is on sale for a huge 35% off.

This 22-inch Snow Joe snow blower features a 15-amp electric motor that can move an astonishing 25 tons of snow per hour and throw it all up to 25 feet. It clears a 22″ path easily thanks to an all-steel auger and has 2 LED lights to help with nighttime snow blowing. This is an electric snow blower, so there’s no gas needed and maintenance should be minimal. (Snow Joe recommends that users do not use an extension cord over 100 ft long.) The whole tool only weighs about 35 lbs and sits on 7-inch tall tires, so it should be easily maneuverable for most people. If you’re looking to save money, the slightly smaller 21-inch version of this s now blower is on sale right now too for 52% off, just $119.99


Key features

  • 15-amp electric motor
  • Push-button start
  • Throws snow up to 25 feet
  • Features 2 built-in LED lights
  • All-electric
  • Lightweight: 34.8 lbs

$161.56 at Amazon

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