VinFast Wild electric pickup truck concept revealed at CES 2024

In addition to the VF 3 electric SUV, VinFast brought a completely new concept to CES 2024. It’s called Wild, and it’s a highly intriguing pickup truck that we think could be a good fit for the U.S.

It’s definitely in the midsize range, measuring 209 inches long and 79 inches wide. That’s 6 inches shorter than the Rivian R1T

and just as wide. The bed is longer, though at 68 inches (that’s a whole 14 inches extra). But like a Chevy Silverado EV, it can be extended with a midgate. In the case of this concept, the midgate’s even powered. So the rear seats, glass and bed wall fold down at the push of a button. 

The styling is an interesting blend of curvy and rugged. It has a tall, flat and wide hood with a big, contrast-colored power dome. But along the sides are long, flowing curves. The big fender flares are prominent and again contrast-colored, but they too have soft edges and blend into the rest of the body elegantly. VinFast credits some of the design work to Australian studio Gomitiv in its press release, though it also credits Italian house Torino Design on the display. Either way, it’s a departure from the Pininfarina-designed VinFast lineup on sale in America today.

The interior looks quite upmarket with lots of brown leather and charcoal gray accent cloth. There’s a blend of minimalism, but with more flowing, detailed panels, such as the brown dots strewn about and the topographic map motifs in the doors. One central screen dominates the dash board, but there’s a slim driver instrument display ahead of the steering wheel. It also has control stalks for items presumably including wipers and lights.

The rest of the truck

is still a bit of a mystery. It’s definitely a concept, and as noted on the display, features such as the power midgate are not guaranteed for any production model, and we imagine that the truck has not yet been greenlit. It’s also an electric car
, like VinFast’s production models. That’s all that VinFast would share for now. In the meantime, we’ll admire this rather handsome truck that we would certainly welcome reaching production. Even more so if it were built at the North Carolina factory VinFast is working on.

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