XPeng shows an electric helicopter super car hybrid at CES 2024

LAS VEGAS — This is the eVTOL Flying Car from XPeng Aeroht, which as the name and eight carbon fiber whiring blades would suggest, is a flying car concept (among others from this CES

and past ones). All those blades fold into the body, allowing you to drive down the street without taking anybody’s head off. And to be clear, that would absolutely happen. They’re basically at neck level for almost every adult.

The “dual-mode cockpit” seats two only since the rest of the body is filled with stored blades (or the cavity of those blades when they’re in use). There is both a square wheel/yoke-like thing in front of the driver/pilot, plus a joystick in the center.

Propulsion is electric, but that’s the extent of details about that. This is a concept after all. XPeng Aeroht claims to be the largest flying car company in Asia. It has another, slightly more realistic concept: the Modular Flying Car. It consists of the Ground Module, a futuristic van with a rear end that opens up, GMC Envoy XUV

style, to reveal a tiny two-person helicopter dubbed the Air Module. The Ground Module features 6×6 all-wheel-drive, rear-wheel steering (that would be fun to see with four rear wheels) and like all XPeng “creations,” is electric. The Air Module is capable of manual and automatic operation, and not surprisingly given the helicopter blades, is capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

XPeng says it is “dedicated to producing the safest intelligent electric flying car for personal use.” At very least, they’ve created some really cool stuff that wouldn’t look out of a place in a sci-fi movie.

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